Hotels Coming to South Boston


6 W Broadway 

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This is the first of two hotels popping up in South Boston. The Cambria Hotel South Boston is located on 6 W Broadway and being developed by City Point Capital. This hotel will consist of 159 rooms and include a gym, meeting rooms, and a restaurant on the first floor. This hotel's location is ideal for travelers coming to and from the airport using the train as its directly across from Broadway T station. Also, great for anyone wanting to explore the city downtown and see what Boston has to offer. This building is projected to be completed by the end of June, 2019. 

246-248 Dorchester Ave

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The next hotel popping up in South Boston will be located on Dorchester Ave. A little behind the Cambria Hotel, the Dorchester Ave hotel is only through the approval stage. It will be boutique style and consist of 159 rooms, similar to Cambria Hotel. This beauty will also have valet parking for 60 vehicles which is ideal for guests coming from outside the city or with rental cars. This hotel will also consist of an outdoor roof deck and swimming pool. The Dorchester Ave hotel has an anticipated completion of mid-end of 2020.